Gender Inclusive SchoolsThe California Reducing Disparities Project
District administrators were so impressed with Gender Spectrum and how much the organization had helped our school become a safe and welcoming environment for all students that they now have Gender Spectrum educate and train all new teachers."

Training, Capacity and Community

Gender Spectrum was recently awarded a five-year grant from the California Department of Public Health to conduct rigorous evaluation of our professional development programs. We are measuring changes in knowledge, behaviors and attitudes related to gender among participants in our trainings, as well as school and district level change associated with our trainings, resources, and support.

Gender Spectrum offers two programs: The Foundations of Gender Inclusive Schools Training and The Gender Spectrum Inclusive Schools Network. Schools can participate in one or both and take part in this groundbreaking evaluation. Learn more about each program below.

Outcome Data

Foundations of Gender Inclusive Schools Training

This 2.5-hour workshop is designed to establish basic understandings of gender diversity and approaches for applying them to professional practice. Through direct presentation, short videos of young people talking about gender, group reflection and discussion, this workshop takes participants through a review of basic gender concepts and terminology. The session then builds on this foundation, modeling concrete strategies for applying the lens of gender diversity to school practices. Through this training participants will have practical skills and knowledge to create gender inclusive learning environment for all students while also accounting for the unique experiences of Transgender and Non-binary students. Schools that participate in the Foundations of Gender Inclusive Schools may also opt to engage in follow-up sessions on topics related to supporting Gender-expansive students, gender inclusive leadership, and curriculum development or join the Inclusive Schools Network.

Inclusive Schools Network

The Gender Spectrum Inclusive Schools Network (ISN) is a learning community of educational professionals committed to creating school settings where every child’s gender is seen, understood, and respected. The ISN equips members with skills and knowledge to be leaders in bringing gender inclusive schools to their institutions.

Elements of the ISN include:

  • A two-day Inclusive Schools Institute, comprised of a cohort of educators in the region
  • Access to online workshops focusing on different topics related to gender-inclusive schools
  • Regularly scheduled “drop-in” office hours with Gender Spectrum staff
  • Gender Spectrum resources, including slides, handouts, tools, videos and communications
  • Archive of lessons and other resources created by Gender Spectrum and ISN members

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