My Gender Journey
All of us are inundated with gender messages from the time we are born, but few of us take the time to reflect on and consider the effect that gender expectations have had on our lives. Our “My Gender Journey” exercise gives you a chance to explore your own gender story.

Once we take the time, most of us recognize and even sometimes find we have deep feelings about the ways that gender expectations have influenced our relationships, education, career and more. Parents, caregivers, family members, professionals and other adults often find that taking the time to assess our own beliefs about gender helps us be more open and understanding with the children and teens in our lives. 

It is best to read "Understanding Gender" before you begin the "My Gender Journey" exercise, for some definitions and context that will help you explore your gender story.

Understanding Gender

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"My Gender Journey" for Parents and Adult Family Members

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"My Gender Journey" for Professionals

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