Professional DevelopmentLegal and Policy Professionals
For legal professionals and advocates, our trainings will help you develop the understanding, practice the skills, and find the resources you need to enhance your work with the most up-to-date knowledge on the evolving landscape around gender.

Legal issues are common for parents with transgender, nonbinary and gender-expansive children. From navigating the law around name changes to confronting discriminatory practices by schools or other public institutions, parents can find themselves facing complex legal questions. Advocates from LGBTQ+ and other nonprofit organizations are also facing new questions around gender from the young people, parents and families they work with. In all of our work, we honor the diversity of your community and pay particular attention to the specific needs of racial, ethnic and cultural communities.

We maintain a strict level of privacy about our work with your group. Unless you wish to promote our collaboration, we will not publish nor discuss it publicly. All of our work together is done confidentially.

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