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When someone with the authority of a teacher describes the world and you are not in it, there is a moment of psychic disequilibrium, as if you looked into a mirror and saw nothing."

The above quote from Adrienne Rich strongly influences our work with educators. Gender is a critical area to address for all students. Fortunately, educators have been addressing gender in a number of ways over the years and the knowledge regarding how to best create gender-inclusive schools that support every student is well understood.  Gender Spectrum can help you whether this is your first step on the journey to creating gender-inclusive schools or for those who want to take the work you already done into new areas.

Professional Development and Training 

Gender Spectrum has helped create gender-inclusive environments in school districts and communities across the country. Learn about our school-based professional development services and continue or get started on your journey to gender-inclusion today!

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Schools and Gender: Resources

Creating a gender-inclusive school climate will benefit every child. Find resources that provide foundational information on gender and resources from the growing body of knowledge and tools that specifically support the needs of students who are transgender or nonbinary.

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Film: Creating Gender Inclusive Schools

Our award-winning film “Creating Gender-Inclusive Schools” shows you how our work helps schools adopt gender-inclusive practices in their classrooms and beyond.

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Stories from the Hallways

Watch stories featuring educators who are successfully adopting gender-inclusive practices, and share your own.

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Gender Inclusive Puberty and Health Education

In March 2019 Gender Spectrum released a first of its kind guide for educators, "Principles of Gender Inclusive Health Education." The principles, endorsed by six leading national puberty and health education organizations, show you how you can affirm and recognize all students so they can see themselves reflected in the classroom and gain the knowledge and skills they need to adopt healthy behaviors. Click below to read the document, see resources you can use in your classroom, find FAQs for educators, parents and youth, and more.

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Events for Professionals

Find information about symposia and other events for all professionals who work with children and families.

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