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Medical and mental health professionals are often on the front lines of helping young people and their families navigate gender in a positive and healthy way. Foundational understandings about gender and gender-affirming practices are crucial for the well-being of the young people in your care.

Professional Development and Training 

Our professional development and training can help you keep current with the evolving understandings and language of gender, along with the best practices for applying them in  your work with all children, young people and families.

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Resources on Gender, Children and Youth 

We have a wealth of resources for medical and mental health professionals to help you best serve all patients and show how gender-inclusive environments will benefit every child. Find resources you can use to help all families understand the role of gender in their children’s lives, and resources to help navigate health and gender issues with transgender, non-binary and gender-expansive patients.

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Stories from Health Professionals

Watch stories featuring health professionals and leading experts in the field who are successfully incorporating gender-inclusive practices, and share your own.

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Events for Professionals

Find information about symposia and other events for all professionals who work with children and families.

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