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Cam Van Fossen

Executive Director

(pronouns: they/them)

originally hails from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and now calls Boston and Brooklyn home. They bring over fifteen years of nonprofit management, fund development, and program development experience, and nearly ten years of Executive and Senior level nonprofit experience to this role. In both a staff and Board capacity, Cam has specialized in founder transitions, organizational growth, and revenue-earning program development. Cam holds a Master's degree in Public Administration with a Nonprofit Management focus. They were a 2021 Project 351 Service Hero and a City of Cambridge, MA LGBTQ+ Commissioner. Cam is passionate about Gender Spectrum's work to create gender inclusive spaces for children and youth, and believes in a world that is safe and affirming for all children.

Jenna Redmond (Hackman)

Director of Family and Educational Programming

(pronouns: they/them or she/her)

I strongly believe that gender should unleash the possibilities in every human instead of limiting them. As a queer & non-binary person the world often feels like it wasn't set up for me. I feel so grateful to get to spend my time at Gender Spectrum creating Online Spaces for youth, families and professionals to build community and simply not feel alone. Being outside of traditional gender norms can be exciting and energizing but also terrifying and lonely. I can't wait for a world in which Gender Spectrum is no longer needed and all kids are celebrated for who they are!

Kim Westheimer

Director of Strategic Initiatives

(pronouns: she/her)

When I think about gender in my own life I recall that as a child I knew there were rules about gender but these notions didn't speak to me. I really didn't understand them and didn't know what to do with them. In contrast, it's exciting to be living in a moment in which people - especially young people - are creatively taking the lid off of gender boundaries and binaries. I truly believe that this will be a positive thing for all of us!

Carla Peña

Director of Training

(pronouns: they/them or she/her)

I am thrilled to be a part of the Gender Spectrum (GS) team! As a queer, non-binary person of Cuban and Puerto Rican descent, I struggled growing up to find folx whose gender experience mirrored my own. As the youngest of three children, and the only child raised as a girl, I quickly learned what was deemed appropriate gender behavior for me and what was not. So when I first learned about Gender Spectrum, I couldn’t help but imagine how much heartache I could have been spared if an organization like GS had existed when I was younger. Because of this, my wish for all people, but most especially, young people is: that the world they inherit be one where they are able to grow into themselves and their gender, free from expectation, limitation, and judgment, and full of joy and acceptance.

Naomi Cruz

Manager of Family and Educational Programming

(pronouns: they/them)

Coming from a conservative town, I didn’t have much space to explore my gender growing up. As a low-income queer non-binary mixed-Latinx person who grew up in the Central Valley of California, I feel incredibly inspired to help provide the support and resources that I didn’t have. In my work, I love pushing our understandings of gender and deferring to our youth’s wisdom as they are the leaders in developing gender as a creative construct. Gender should be limitless, not limiting, and I want to help create a world where gender can safely be an empowering and creative form of self-expression for ALL people

Rose Chung

Manager for Professional Development

(pronouns: she/her)

Gender was never a topic I felt I could explore or challenge and always tied to norms that I did not understand or agree with. That part of our identity deserves just as much exploration as any other part and every child needs to have the freedom and safe spaces to do so. I firmly believe that responsibility belongs to all of us adults, even those of us not raising our own children. I am very fortunate to be part of an organization that centers this support and well-being, especially for our trans and non-binary youth.

Gabby Fernandez

Coordinator of Family Programming

(pronouns: they/them, but always subject to change)

I was born inside my parents’ narrative of “girl” and lived that narrative for quite some time. The construction of this narrative was not malicious on their part; it was what they knew and lived. What I now know is: I am a queer, non-binary Latine person who is floating through the expansive galaxy that is gender, unlearning what I thought I knew, and embracing whatever speaks to me, radically and unapologetically. That is my narrative. My hope while at Gender Spectrum is to support others out here in this ever-expanding galaxy as they author their own stories, while also supporting the people in their lives who love and care for them. May they read their stories and embrace them as truths.

Kaidyn Radford

Digital and Social Media Manager

(pronouns: he/they)

Growing up in rural North Carolina, I struggled to find community as a young, visibly queer person. Community, of course, existed in my small town but only in the form of hushed whispers and stolen glances. As I got older and became privy to my queer elders, I was inspired to ensure other young queer people didn't have to go through the pain of not knowing they aren't alone. I am a lifelong learner when it comes my queer and trans community, and I hope to contribute back to that community through my work at Gender Spectrum.

Ari Taylor

Development Director

(pronouns: they/them)

Hi! I'm Ari Taylor. I am a Queer, Afro-Indigenous person of trans experience with a passion for supporting Queer youth. I feel that cultivating spaces where Queer folks can connect with each other and thrive in safety is the best defense against the many threats that we face as Queer people. I also feel that creativity and community care are our most valuable tools in the critical endeavor to heal ourselves and each other. I am committed to working towards a world where every young person can explore gender with the joy, inspiration, and curiosity that can only arise in a context of safety and support.

Kimmie Armstrong

Operations Manager

(pronouns: they/she)

Kimmie Armstrong is an African-American pansexual, gender-queer, community organizer, creative, and educator. Growing up in Brooklyn NY, as a differently abled individual facing different facets of adversity, a passion for advocacy was sparked. Kimmie has been able to work to support the LGBTQIA BIPoC community for more than a decade. Whether it be her work outreaching and connecting folx to housing with the Ali Forney Center, their time providing folks with resources about healthcare, educational, and career resources at the Hetrick-Martin Institute, or supporting counselors doing suicide prevention and crisis intervention at the Trevor Project, Kimmie is a committed community advocate who believes in the importance of spaces that celebrate diverse gender experiences. Spaces where young people are able to explore the gender spectrum in an encouraging space free from judgment and expectations.

Board of Directors

Stephanie Brill

Founder & Chair, Board of Directors

(pronouns: any)

Stephanie Brill is the founder and Board Chair of Gender Spectrum. She is considered a thought leader in the field of gender diversity and children. She is the author of landmark books including The Transgender Child (with Rachel Pepper) and The Transgender Teen (with Lisa Kenney). She is also co-founder and Board Chair of Reimagine Gender, an organization working with corporations, NGOs, legislators and policy makers whose mission is to open a world of possibilities for all people to realize their potential by addressing and expanding today’s limiting concepts of gender.

KJ Ward

Board of Directors

(pronouns: he/him/his)

KJ Ward is a communications consultant, editor, content creator, and yoga teacher based in Los Angeles. He is a former two-time director of Boston GLASS Community Center and has served on Massachusetts’ Governor’s Commission on LGBTQ Youth and The Theater Offensive’s board of directors.

Kevan Barton

Board of Directors

Kevan Anthony Barton is a seasoned social worker with over 20 years of experience working with youth and young adults in the Greater Boston area. He is currently the Director of Operations for YouthConnect, a program of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Boston. He is the former Assistant Director for The B.R.I.D.G.E. Program, an alternative middle school in Lowell, MA. Having worked with several nonprofits over the years, he has acquired extensive leadership, management, and clinical experience. He has served on the board of directors of Zumix, a creative youth development organization in Boston. He holds a BA from Smith College and a MSW from Boston University

Anoosh Jorjorian

Board of Directors

(pronouns: she/they)

Anoosh Jorjorian has been working for racial justice and LGBTQ+ rights for over two decades. She is currently the founder and principal of Inclusive Futures Consulting, LLC, which helps parents, educators, and institutions teach children about identity differences and be inclusive across identity lines. She is also the coordinator for Yolo Rainbow Families, a project of the Davis Phoenix Coalition, which advocates for and supports LGBTQ+ parents, LGBTQ+ kids, and parents of LGBTQ+ kids in Yolo County. During the COVID-19 pandemic, she co-founded The ApoYolo Project, a program of the Yolo Interfaith Immigration Network, which has been keeping Spanish-speaking immigrant families housed, fed, and safe.

Ella Baker

Board of Directors

Ella Baker is a Korean transgender woman, educator, and writer. She holds a Doctorate in Education from the University of Southern California and a Masters in Intercultural Communications from New York University. Her research focuses on how institutional climates and policies impact belonging and engagement for transgender communities. She is the College Programs Manager for Skyrocket Ed and serves on the DEI steering committee as well as the policy team for 9dot Education Solutions, where she spearheaded initiatives to eliminate binary dress codes and introduced gender neutral restrooms. She conducts workshops on transgender inclusion for faith groups, schools, and businesses, and has been featured in Autostraddle and The Toast.

Julio Neira

Board of Directors

Julio Neira is a creative director and producer. He has worked for companies such as Hulu, Discovery Communications, Quibi and Activision. Julio was born in Colombia and moved to Miami to graduate high school. He then moved to New York City to study and work and now lives in Los Angeles with his husband and their dog Luci. Julio has helped grow the Latinx and LGBTQ+ employee resource groups within each corporation he has worked with. He is passionate about representations at all levels within our corporate structure and culture. He believes representation matters at all levels to build the most equitable future.