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Joel Baum

Senior Director, Professional Development

(pronouns: he/him/his)

As a cisgender man, our binary model of gender should serve me well. Theoretically, it is literally designed around my experience. But like so many others, it has failed me. The expectations in every dimension of gender--to have particular physical attributes, to dress and act in rigidly masculine ways, to carry a sense of self that is "manly"--have resulted in a great deal of unhappiness and damage as I have sought to reach these imposed definitions of who I am supposed to be. I truly believe that a more gender inclusive world will liberate all of us, and am proud to play even a tiny role in that process.

Jenna Redmond (Hackman)

Director, Online Programming

(pronouns: they/them or she/her)

I strongly believe that gender should unleash the possibilities in every human instead of limiting them. As a queer & non-binary person the world often feels like it wasn't set up for me. I feel so grateful to get to spend my time at Gender Spectrum creating Online Spaces for youth, families and professionals to build community and simply not feel alone. Being outside of traditional gender norms can be exciting and energizing but also terrifying and lonely. I can't wait for a world in which Gender Spectrum is no longer needed and all kids are celebrated for who they are!

Yarrow Halpern

Manager, Online Programming

(pronouns: they/them/their)

I am a femme and I am non-binary. One does not negate the other, they exist in duality. My gender ebbs and flows like the tides. This has allowed me to truly redefine the role gender plays in my life.  I no longer follow gender like a map, I follow my heart and my body and my mind follows suit. My gender is intuitive.

D Han

Administrative Assistant

(pronouns: they/them/their)

I am glad to have found myself in the cozy corner of the world that is Gender Spectrum. In what has heretofore been an unplanned and probably illogical work life, spent primarily contributing to a few too many missions (youth services, environmental causes, public health) of Bay Area mission-driven organizations, it's been a breath of fresh to participate in work that has a more personally meaningful focus, and that opens doors to other aspects of my experience that intersect with gender: family, culture, and faith upbringing.

Candace Lopez

Development Director

(pronouns: she/her)

Identifying and presenting as femme has been one of the most liberating and powerful things I have done for myself.  Femme is unapologetic and gives me permission to express myself in whichever way I choose. It has been about throwing away the lifetime of messages I have received about what it means to be a (cis) woman and taking control and agency of my gender and writing my own narrative.  Femme is my fearless voice that feels limitless in a world that constantly tells me otherwise.

Kim Westheimer

Director of Strategic Initiatives

(pronouns: she/her)

When I think about gender in my own life I recall that as a child I knew there were rules about gender but these notions didn't speak to me. I really didn't understand them and didn't know what to do with them. In contrast, it's exciting to be living in a moment in which people - especially young people - are creatively taking the lid off of gender boundaries and binaries. I truly believe that this will be a positive thing for all of us!

Board of Directors

Stephanie Brill

Founder & Chair, Board of Directors

(pronouns: any!)

Stephanie Brill is the founder of Gender Spectrum. She is considered a thought leader in the field of gender diversity in children. She is the author of the landmark books The Transgender Teen: A Handbook for Parents and Professionals Supporting Transgender and Non-Binary Teens (with Lisa Kenney); The Transgender Child (with Rachel Pepper); The New Essential Guide to Lesbian Conception, Pregnancy, and Birth; and The Queer Parent’s Primer and. Her work has been featured on 20/20, The Huffington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, All Things Considered, and The New York Times.

Enrique Perez Grovas

Member, Board of Directors

(pronouns: he/him)

Enrique Perez Grovas has facilitated seminars in Lima, Peru and San Jose, Costa Rica specifically directed to Latin/Hispanic families facing gender issues. Enrique has facilitated the Dad’s group for Gender Spectrum’s Family Conference for several years, as well as for Gender Conference East in the past. He is a member of Gender Spectrum’s Board, as well as of the Advisory Council of the Gender and Family Project for the Ackerman Institute in NYC. He is also member of EY’s National Tax Inclusiveness and Diversity Steering Committee.

Isolda Atayde

Member, Board of Directors

(pronouns: she/her)

Born and raised in Mexico City, Isolda found her passion in advocating for LGBT rights in Mexico and Latin America, focusing on gender non-conforming children and transgender youth. While living in Mexico, she founded along with her husband, the first support group for parents and caregivers of gender non-conforming children and transgender youth.  She was one of the 50 LGBT activists from around the world invited by OUTRight International (formerly IGLHRC) to advocate for transgender and gender non-conforming children and teenagers in meetings with different United Nations country missions. During 2016-2019 she was part of PFLAG’s National Board of Directors where she co-chaired the Diversity and Inclusion Committee.